Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm Rusty, Dachshund with an Attitude

I'm a Colorado Wiener Dog but some refer to me as a "Rocky Mountain Hotdog". -I know... it's kinda misleading and makes me sound rather delicious and exotic but trust me, you don't want to go there. The high altitude may be to blame for some strange things the locals may do, but you definitely won't find me or my kind on any menu (unlike those 'Rocky Mountain Oysters' which people seem to love till they find out what they really are -smiles)! I'm a brown, short-haired, rather debonair with the ladies neutered 19" tweenie and a bark that sounds like a Rottweiller, more stubborn than any mule you will meet, and 100% spoiled rotten and proud of it!!! Oh yeah, I also review pet rooms on TripAdvisor. Now here's the thing, sometimes like my owner, I have a tendency to bark before thinking which can put me in some rather tense situations. -This is where the 'high altitude" comes and I swear it only affects my breed, so this is my excuse for being caught "barking off" at a Mastiff after doing the butt sniffing thing. Let's face it, surely being at 6,000 feet is too blame since no "sane" dog my size would even consider taking on a Mastiff... or would they?

Yeah, after I got home and thought about the encounter I decided it wasn't one of my better decisions!

Let's put it this way...

He was so big my barking probably sounded like a Mosquito buzzing! – Rusty Anderson